This site is not an incredibly big site, I have chosen basic topics to cover yet I try to go deeper on each topic in order to help you to get the best possible experience on your next hiking trip, whether it’s with alone, with friends or with your family.

The reason to why I launched this page is so you won’t have to go through all the same mistakes that I did myself. You’ll be able to learn about what roots/berries/insects to eat, as well as where to go hiking and how you get started with family hikes.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did enjoy writing it.

I write from experience which might get you a head start against your true self, allowing you to skip the worst possible rookie mistakes. They say that ignorance is bliss until they go out in the forest being under prepared.

Forgetting the smallest thing for a hiking trip can have life-threatening consequences, regardless if it is fire source, clothes, boots or lack of food.

You should always read up on the area you plan to hike, but having a fresh and good mood in nature can get you through more situations than a lighter in many-many cases.

Why a hiking site?

As mentioned, I simply wish to see others having a great first hiking experience which is why I’ve listed so many backsides about hiking – to prepare you for them. You are probably unable to be aware of how much time and energy I might have saved for you by providing all of this information.

Where did I hike?

Well, here and there, I guess. The area and terrain that I know the best are the northern forests of Scandinavia and all its surroundings. I have however hiked in more places and I’d like to consider myself a quite well-practiced hiker .

Am I a pro?

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. I know a lot compared to some but almost nothing if compared to others. I mainly have experience from the Scandinavian forests but my advice regarding general survival can be applied in basically any pine forest.


I am a self-proclaimed philosopher and nature lover who strongly believes that self-sustainability is the key to happiness in life. Knowing that you’ve got what it takes, is enough to take on the world.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

My advice is general and I always ask hikers to take chance into consideration. No one dies in the planning of a trip, but there are always chances that things go wrong. That’s why proactivity is the best activity.


Being one with nature

We’ve drifted away from nature and what we truly are, well not all of us, but most. Hiking is my favourite way to reconnect with nature which is why I want to share all my tips and experiences with you guys. “Sharing is caring” – TPB.